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If you have drafty windows, decaying window casings, locks that don’t work, or leaks when it’s rainy, it’s time for a window replacement. Restore comfort to your home when you upgrade to new energy-efficient windows from Lake Country Windows & Construction.

Do Old Windows Make Your Home Feel Like a Haunted House?

While broken windows can pose a safety hazard to your family, old windows can also create a safety issue if your locking mechanisms are no longer working properly.

The team at Lake Country Windows & Construction is experienced in finding functional, stylish, and affordable window solutions when you need a replacement or window installation for an existing home.

Windows are an investment, and we promise to make it worth your while. That’s why every project includes…

Maximize the safety and energy efficiency of your home with high-performance windows from Lake Country Windows & Construction in the Pittsburgh, TX area.

Residential Window Replacement Services in Pittsburg

Windows play a significant factor in the design of your home.

Your windows affect…

While it may seem difficult to choose a type of window that will keep your energy bills low and add style to your home, it’s our area of expertise. We’re standing by to walk you through every consideration when it comes to your window's style, placement, functionality, and cost.

Window Styles

Single-Hung Windows

This is a traditional style of window with a single attached sash and the panes of glass open with a vertical motion to optimize airflow.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are attached from the bottom and top sash and each pane can open individually or at the same time.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are focal points of design with no opening mechanism. They are more affordable than similar styles that open.

Casement Windows

Like picture windows, casement windows are great for letting in natural light and framing views, but they can also open.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

The sash slides left or right in this type of window, and can match the other single- or double-hung windows in the home.

Bay Windows

Bay windows protrude from the home structure itself to create an architectural feature and the perfect place to add a window seat.

Commercial Window Replacement Services in Pittsburg, TX

There are many options when choosing windows for your commercial building, and busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to research every tiny detail.

You’ll have to make decisions about…

  • Vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or other materials
  • Colors and framing styles
  • Functionality like sliding or swinging options
  • Single or double hung sashes
  • Single, double, or triple-paned glass
  • And more

When you need to invest in your business with so many considerations, it’s best to ask the experts. At Lake Country Windows & Construction, we have over 50 years of experience in the industry, and we’re happy to guide you through the decision-making process.

1-Year Craftsmanship Guarantee

Your business or home window replacement is an opportunity to enhance the value of your property. We offer a 1-year craftsmanship guarantee so when we leave the job site, you can feel confident that you’ve upgraded.

If anything is not up to our standards of excellence, reach out anytime within the first year from installation and we will be on-site to fix it the right way. We will also file all manufacturer warranties on your behalf, so you have the greatest protection available for your investment.

Window Replacements in Pittsburg, TX

With 50 years of experience in the windows and construction industry, we can source and install just about anything. From beautiful garden windows to durable storm windows, no project is too big or small!

Chat with our knowledgeable staff about your project or request a consultation to get a quote on your exact window installation costs.

Window Styles

Fixed Windows

This type of window offers lots of natural light, energy efficiency, and display space without an opening mechanism.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can open vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. They open wide to create quick ventilation.

Single & Double-Hung Windows

This traditional window style is budget-friendly, energy efficient, and has a single or double sash attachment for vertical movement.

Casement Windows

This style is great for a minimalist look. Choose aluminum windows for an ultra-thin frame or vinyl windows for more colors.

Awning Windows

Perfect for industrial settings, awning windows open up and out to generate airflow and give your business a distinct look.

And More

Ask about triple-paned windows to help ambient noise in urban areas that may affect your business or other specific requests!